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Poetry Workshop with Judith Steinbergh at Hewnoaks Artist Colony

‘Observe and Reflect: Reading/Writing Poems of our Natural World’
with Judith Steinbergh, poet, teacher, and Lovell summer resident.

Sponsored by the Greater Lovell Land Trust, Hewnoaks Artist Colony and the Hobbs Library

Have you watched the light change on water, a storm come suddenly, an eagle spiral upward? Have you paddled through the water lilies, glimpsed the cardinal flower, watched the ferns unfurl, the barred owl part the night. How is this outer world connected to your inner life? After reading and discussing several poems by New England poets, we will draft poems or notes and sketches about woods, water, weather, and wildlife that surround us.

Location: Hewnoaks Artist Colony

We have room for 10 aspiring poets. If we have a lot more interest we may add another workshop later in the summer. Please register at the library or by calling 925-3177.