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Monthly Speaker: Lisa Hillman, author of SECRET NO MORE

We are very fortunate to present another author this month. Lisa Hillman is an accomplished health care administrator. Her husband is a former mayor of Annapolis. They raised a happily married daughter. From all appearances, life was rich and fulfilling. Except every night she went home to a dark house where her adolescent son huddled in his cave-like bedroom. Routinely, he disappeared at night while she lay awake, staring at the bedside clock, waiting to hear his footfall on the stairs, just to know that he was safe and still alive. A story of discovery, shame, denial, and finally acceptance, Secret No More tells the story of one mother’s ultimate struggle with her son’s addiction and how it taught her a new way to love.

In Maine alone the death toll from drug overdose reached 376 in 2016. 39% higher than in 2015. More than one victim per day, and it shows no signs of stopping. The only way we can solve this crisis, as a community, is to talk about it openly and compassionately. Lisa Hillman wrote a very courageous and important book and we are grateful she will share her family’s story with us.

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