Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library's



SATURDAY AUGUST 18, 2018, 9AM to 3PM

(Always 3rd Saturday of August)


Dear Returning Artisan:


We hope you will take part again in the Lovell Arts and Artisans Fair on Saturday, August 18th, supporting the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library. 

 In order to ensure a space; please return this application and non-refundable space reservation fee of $30.00 by July 1st, so that we can assign the space (as nearly as possible) that you request.  We try to accommodate your needs, if you are explicit about them.  We will honor your request to be indoors or outdoors.  If it looks like rain the morning of the show, you may choose to go indoors.  We will find a space for you.  It will be a final decision.

 We may not be able to fill your request for electricity, so please come prepared for either scenario and bring your own electrical cord.  If you request hallway space, you will be guaranteed electricity.

 You are responsible for providing your own exhibit stand/booth/table.  Only items that have been juried should be brought for sale.

The school doors will be unlocked at 6:30 AM for your arrival and set up.  We provide a team of workers to help unload your vehicle on arrival and they will help you move your display items to your assigned space.  Free coffee and snacks will be available for exhibitors until 9:00 AM in the gym.  We will be offering lunch in the cafeteria, and if you wish, you can order lunch from a runner soon after the Fair opens and it will be delivered to you.

 Cash out at the end of the day will take place in the Art Room (the first room in hallway on left after exiting the gym).  A donation of 15% will be deducted from the amount of your gross sales at that time. 

 Only ten exhibitors are chosen from those who check off raffle donation on the enclosed application form.  A 10% donation will be deducted from the gross sales of those ten exhibitors.  Donated item should be valued at a minimum of $50.00.

 If you would like further information, email:

Return address: Charlotte Hobbs Library, P.O.Box 105, Lovell, ME 04051