Mission Statement

The Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library brings people, information and ideas together to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our community.


Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Trustees on June, 2014

Goal 1:   Fuel our community's passion for reading, personal growth and learning.

Objective 1.1   Continue as the source for high-quality programs and instruction.

Objective 1.2   Advance the education of our youth.


Goal 2:   Expand our community's access to information, ideas and stories.

Objective 2.1   Provide relevant digital resources.

Objective 2.2   Develop relevant and inspiring collections that meet our community's evolving needs and expectations.

Objective 2.3   Provide a forum for social and cultural discourse.


Goal 3:   Build partnerships to enhance community life.

Objective 3.1   Create alliances with local and state organizations.

Objective 3.2   Enhance relationships with local schools.


Goal 4:  Foster a welcoming environment of inclusion and openness.

Objective 4.1   Offer free library membership to all.

Objective 4.2   Provide free on-site resources to all individuals and organizations.

Objective 4.3   Raise community awareness of services and resources.


Goal 5:  Insure the financial sustainability, physical presence and organizational framework to support our mission and goals.

Objective 5.1   Secure short-term and long-term financial health.

Objective 5.2   Maintain effective financial planning, record-keeping and cost control.

Objective 5.3   Reduce our carbon footprint.

Objective 5.4   Maintain our building and grounds in optimal condition.

Objective 5.5   Meet the Exemplary Standards as set forth in the Public Library Standards of the Maine State Library.

Objective 5.6   Maintain an effective board through training, education and development.

Objective 5.7   Maintain a highly professional staff and volunteers through training, education and development.