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Story Swap

"Kindness" will be the theme for the Story Swap in March. All are welcome, listeners as well as tellers. "Kindness" is not a simple or sentimental idea. As Maria Popova has written, "The measure of true kindness--which is different from nicety, different from politeness--is often revealed in those challenging instances when we must rise above the impulse toward its opposite, ignited by fear and anger and despair." When have you found in yourself the resources to be kind? Or not? Has there been a time in your life when you needed kindness and have (or have not) found it? Is there a story of kindness, historical or traditional, that draws you strongly? Please share these powerful moments with our group.  Come and put your name in the hat to share a five minute story, or just come to listen. Bring lunch if you wish; we'll provide beverages.