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Story Swap

April’s Story Swap will present a gallery of mysterious objects! You are invited to bring an item that is connected to some story from your life—a story that wouldn’t be obvious to a casual viewer of the object.  We’ll put out our “Whatsits” on tables, do a speculative gallery walk to look at them, and then listen to each other as we reveal the hidden stories.

What might you bring?  Anything portable!—or a photo of something not so easily transported.  A keepsake from a friend or relative whose story you can tell; a historical object or photo connected to some past event; a tool you have used for some interesting purpose; something you have made; an item that reminds you of someone or some past occurrence.

We all live among “storied” things!  They make a home feel like home. Notice what stories your surroundings can tell—and come to share them with the Hobbs Story Swap.

The Swap will meet on Friday, April 20, from noon till 1:30.  All are welcome, listeners as well as tellers. Come to share a 5-minute story, or just come to listen. Bring a brown-bag lunch if you wish; we’ll provide beverages.