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Ritucharya: Yoga & Ayurveda Seasonal Routines for Vibrant Health

We are very excited to welcome back Suzanne Silvermoon, who will conduct this workshop. Ritucharya is a Sanskrit word from Ayurveda describing Seasonal Routines. Nature’s environment is dynamic, therefore our approach to our daily self-care should be wise and nimble. The wisdom of Ayurveda helps us understand the elements present in nature and how best to be in flow with the changes arising with the seasons. When we adopt specific seasonal routines, we are more apt to maintain healthy digestion, resilience, balance, beauty, and longevity.

During this workshop you will learn:
~  Basic Ayurvedic Principles
~  Ayurveda’s Six Seasons and their qualities
~  Seasonal routines to live in harmony with nature
~  Seasonal modifications to yoga and pranayama practices
~  The reasons behind seasonal cleansing
~  Daily Routines, Diet and Herbal suggestions for seasonal health

What to Bring:

~  Yoga Mat

~  Notebook and Pen

~  Wear comfortable clothing for Yoga Asana Practice

Workshop Fee: $45

Earlier Event: July 13
Farmers Market